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Established in 2003, Xtreme Speed is one of the original youth-oriented sports performance training programs in the state of Texas and the first in Lubbock.

Xtreme Speed Athletic Performance Training is for the athlete that is dedicated, highly motivated and wants to get better. The program is designed to dramatically improve the overall athletic ability in each participant.  Speed is the number one skill necessary for contending in every sport.  Working on this skill at each level is important because speed will ultimately determine the highest level an athlete can compete in. 

Xtreme Speed can improve every athlete’s speed, agility, jumping ability and strength through our cutting edge program design and proper sequence of drills.  In our sports performance program, each athlete will train in a positive, highly structured environment that has over ten years of proven results among individual athletes as well as entire teams, from beginners to professional athletes.  Because speed is a skill just like throwing, catching, kicking or hitting, the sooner an athlete can start learning the skill and mastering the proper movement patterns the sooner they will ensure their ability to move from youth sports to high school athletics and beyond.


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