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“Our three sons were very blessed to each earn Division I baseball scholarships out of high school. Sid Bright was very instrumental in their development as athletes and young men.
Speed and quickness are crucial ingredients to success in virtually all sports. Regardless of how slow or fast your son or daughter may be, Sid will make him or her faster. You will undoubtedly find that as your young athlete progresses through his or her athletic career, speed and quickness separates kids from one level to the next, whether that is at the club, high school, college, or professional level.
Another tremendous benefit gained by working with Sid is improved enthusiasm and confidence. Self confidence is so vital to success in life, and you will see your son or daughter’s confidence soar with Sid’s positive demeanor. Our Son’s confidence grew as they saw the measured improvement for their efforts. Sid motivates kids to work smart, work hard, and push themselves to do more than they think they can each session.
Sid is outstanding with young athletes. I’have known quite a few people who have sent their kids to Sid to help with their sports careers and none were ever disappointed. If you are looking for an edge for your son or daughter to become more successful in a sport and maybe try for the next level, there is no better person for them to work with than Sid Bright.”

Howell & Beverly Finch
Xtreme Speed Parents

"Xtreme Speed has the experience and knowledge to develop athletes of any age, enabling each athlete to reach their individual sport's potential. They have worked to develop and improve upon my daughter's strength, speed, and mobility in a very short time. As a result, she has gained a lot of confidence in her abilities to be a successful athlete. Their program is so effective that we are now sending another one of our children to Xtreme Speed."

- Meg Grubb
Xtreme Speed Parent

"Quite simply, if you want to help your aspiring athlete to realize his or her potential, Xtreme Speed is the place to be. There is no doubt that my kid's athleticism and performance on the field has been enhanced by their expertise, workout format, and positive atmosphere generated by the Xtreme Speed coaches."

- John Hurdt
Xtreme Speed Parent


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